Gender pay gap reporting

We are actively analysing why our gender pay gap exists by addressing key areas:


Review jobs to ensure they are advertised and presented in a way which attracts both male and female candidates.


Review turnover/attrition rates to identify any high incidence of female leavers, e.g. by job level, pay level, full/part-time.

Review feedback from exit interviews to identify reasons for leaving among female employees.

Review flexible working practices and levels of take up by both male and female employees to ensure these are being promoted and applied consistently and at all organisational levels.

Consider ways to improve the availability of flexible working, e.g. as part of recruitment, for senior roles and among male employees.

Development and progression

Review promotion rates by gender (and other protected characteristics) to ensure equality of opportunity at all organisational levels, e.g. by job level, pay grade, full and part-time employees.

Review career/leadership development programmes and pathways.

Review numbers and proportion of maternity, paternity and shared parental leave returners, both initially and those who remain in post. Consider ways to improve levels of both male and female returners, e.g. through childcare and other forms of support.

Monitor development and progression outcomes by gender.